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5 Ideas to Start a Company in Dubai UAE

Restaurant Before starting a restaurant business you should determine what target population you want to cater to, while it might seem to produce a great deal of profit to go into a restaurant business that will cater to the natives, you might make more money fast if you cater to the foreigners. You could go specialize in serving Africans or run a Chinese restaurant, as this is likely to see that you get a large influx of customers faster than you would if you targeted the indigenous UAE people. Online Trading and E-Commerce Dubai has made major efforts to establish itself as an e-commerce hub, and according to a study carried out by Dubai Media City-based Madar Research Group in late 2002 was at that time on a par with top European Union states in basic online services. This trend is being further fuelled by the rise of the emerging markets, and the growth of social media.

SMEs are also increasingly championing the Internet, using it for marketing, sales and interactions with customers and suppliers. Mobile Auto Workshop Where there are cars a workshop is needed. Although therere many workshops already, but one needs to go there. Think of the situation when a vehicle got a problem on the midway! And hundreds of such cases happen on daily basis, many times on highways and other times right in the parking. A mobile workshop that reaches there on a single call doesnt just help, but actually works great. Dubai is the city having denser road traffic and there is a probability of cars that gets faulty. Fashion Boutique Business As long as majority of the general public are fashion conscious and love fashion trends, then start a fashion boutique business isnt out of place. However, you not only need a fashion sense to run this kind of business, you would also need to maintain your supply lines, as well as have a good business sense so as to be able to manage other aspects of your business well. You would also need to decide on the niche you intend going into. Bakery We all like sweets and cakes, breads and pies! People buy them every single day! With the right arrangement of your sweet assortment you are definitely scheduled for success! It has a winning location with high traffic of hungry customers. Satisfy their cravings by offering the best of you can bake for them! Unleash your creativity by offering them a rainbow of sweet products.

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