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Sponsoring a Housemaid by an Expatriate Sponsor-Dubai

August 19, 2018 / 271 / Category : Uae

Q) What are the procedures to sponsor a Housemaid/Nanny in Dubai/UAE?

A) Every single visa which is linked with sending maids to Dubai are processed through Tas'heel Centers. One can visit there and find an appropriate maid which fits according to their needs.

An expatriate can sponsor a housemaid if the following conditions are met:

Salary: The person who is sponsoring the maid should have a minimum monthly salary of Dh 6,000 or Dh 5,000, including the accommodation provided by the company.

Yearly Fees:The sponsor who will bring the maid should be able to pay DH 5445 as an annual fee at Immigration Department. Payment should be done through the Typing Centre. (Repeated every year. Typing Charge extra).


One must deposit DH 2060 at the Immigration department through typing center (typing charge extra). This amount will be refunded if the supposed Maid's Visa gets cancelled or when they exit UAE. If the application of sponsoring a maid gets rejected, one can refund this amount to their respective bank accounts without visiting the Immigration office.

File opening charge:DH 218 should be paid through typing center (typing charge extra). If you have paid file opening fee before, you can bring that sticker for scanning.

  • The housemaid and the sponsor must not in any way be related to each other.
  • The Sponsor ought to be living in UAE with their family.
  • Medical Insurance ought to be revived yearly. Approximate Dh 675 annually.
  • All charges, together with deposits, guarantees, travel and file gap fees are processed through typewriting center at the time of application. Refund are often processed solely to the sponsor’s checking account. IBAN of the Sponsor (applicant) is needed.
  • You ought to visit the immigration given that such SMS received. You’ll receive application standing SMS concerning approval or modification. White color Visa signifies to applicant's E-mail address when approval. If you would like pink color visa, you'll be able to visit any GDRFA metropolis branch when receiving approval SMS. No further fee. Passengers from sure countries would like pink color visa for expatriation clearance.

New Entry allow for house servant Sponsored by AN Expatriate:


  • Make a contract of “No Relation Certificate” from the sponsor’s respective building. (This is applicable given that the Maid is from same status of the sponsor).
  • Gather all the important and required documents and submit them at the Tas'heel typewriting center while submitting the application online. The white colored visa are shown to highlight the applicant's E-mail address when needed approval. If they would wish to have a pink colored visa, they would be allowed to visit any GDRFA metropolis branch when received an approval SMS beforehand. No extra charges.
  • There are certain passengers from some countries who would like pink color visa for expatriation clearance.

Application Fee:DH 2641 together with DH 2000 deposit. Out of this, Dh 53 to be paid through e-Dirham. (Service Charge extra).

Below mentioned documents square measure required:

  • Maid's passport copy (colored) and one photograph with a white background.
  • Original passport of the person sponsoring the maid and a married person (for scanning).
  • Original Emirates ID of the sponsor of maid.
  • Original documented wedding Certificate of the sponsor.
  • Original contract of relationship. You’ll be able to print it from typewriting Centre or compass from Tas'heel Centre.

Fees:DH 105.

  • Original remuneration Certificate, if the sponsor could be a Government/Semi-government/Free zone worker.

Investor: If the sponsor is an Investor/Partner:

  • Original Court Agreement showing his belongings, copy of the Trade License and Partners List (for LLC).

Tenancy Contract:

• Original occupancy Contract consisting of minimum 2 bedrooms. It’s to be documented through Ejari online system of assets administrative unit (RERA). If you're living out of metropolis, bring Municipality documented occupancy Contract and Electricity bill.

• Original Electricity and Water Bill within the name of applicant or significant other.

• Affidavit from the consulate must state in the contract that the maid is not at all connected with the sponsor or their significant other. Separate legal documents are to be created for each a sponsor and their significant other. This is applicable which proves that the maid is of the same position and status as of the sponsor). IBAN of the Sponsor is also necessary.

• Maid's regular payment agreement will hereby to be sent to the sponsor through email in conjunction with her visa. The sponsor must mention their regular payment at the time of typewriting entry allow application. This contract ought to be signed by the maid once her entry and to be submitted at the time of visa stamping.

Male Servant:The sponsor if applied for male servant/cook conjointly if you meet on top of mentioned requirements:

• If the maid lives within the premises of UAE on and off visa or Visit or tourist Visa, DH 1307 is required to be paid further for standing modification (Dh 680 to issue visa within the country and Dh 627 for standing amendment). During this case, no need for the people of Bharat, Nepal, Philippines, land diplomatic building connected procedures once get issued the visa. However, the No Relation Certificate from the consultant should be granted if the maid is from same position of the Sponsor. This certificate is needed by UAE Immigration Department at the time of applying for entry visa.

• Special approval is needed to induce maid visa if she is within country on tourist Visa.

  • FINE Travel/Tourism Agency: it's detected that, fine is obligatory on Travel/Tourism agency if any tourist beneath their support, modified standing to maid/servant visa.

• After they got their visa issued, prepare maid's employment agreement from the involved diplomatic building. (E.g.: India, Sri Lanka) and send it to her home country for immigration clearance.

• Maid's Visa are going to be issued same day if the necessary documents and procedures are completed.

• Maximum regulation to use for Maid Visa is fifty eight years recent (varies case to case).

• Bachelors aren't supposed to sponsor a Maid.

• If a family wants quite one maid, the DGDRFA reserves the proper to determine betting on the scale of the family, financial gain levels, etc.

Wages of Maids:

• Currently, maids may be obtained solely from Bharat, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, state and African country, every of that has its own stipulations for minimum wages, age and different operating conditions.

• For example, Indian maids command a minimum regular payment of Dh 1,100. A postpaid mobile with SIM card ought to lean to the maid upon arrival. Read more

• The rate for Filipina is DH 1460 ($400), Sri Lankan DH 825, Indonesian Dh800, Nepali DH 900 and Bangladeshi Dh 750.

• Maids from African countries like African country, African country and Republic of Kenya are at different choices.

• To sponsor a Nepalese Maid, the leader conjointly wants a Police Clearance Certificate.

Medical, Bio-Metric & Entry Visa from India:

If the maid is in Bharat, some candidates can get visa approval reference variety solely from Immigration. Mistreatment of this reference, variety maid should complete pre-arrival Medical from GAMCA and approach UAE diplomatic building in Thiruvananthapuram or Embassy in metropolis for bio-metric capture and Entry Visa stamping within the passport.

Medical from Home Country:Maids from African country, state and land are needed to require a medical fitness take a look at in their home countries before applying for the visa.

Refundable Deposit at Embassy/Consulate:

  • India: Dh9200,
  • Nepal: Dh5000,
  • Sri Lanka: Dh3675,

Philippine, Bangladesh, and Indonesian missions don't need security deposits.

Affidavit / No relation Certificate from Indian Consulate:

If the sponsor is AN Indian, legal document may be made of Indian Consulate/ Embassy. Needed documents:

  • Passport copy of Sponsor, significant other and Maid.
  • Original passports of Sponsor and significant other.
  • Legal document type may be collected from diplomatic building and crammed by hand.
  • Fees DH 60. Documented legal document are going to be delivered identical time.

Indian diplomatic building Timing: Sunday to weekday 8am-12noon.

Location:Bur metropolis, Karana, close to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Illegal Maid:DH 50,000 is what you'll have to be compelled to cough up in fines for hiring AN illegal maid.

Dos and don’ts to avoid hassle with maids:

• Give the maid a real image of what to expect before she involves work for you. Create her perceive she isn't returning for a vacation abroad.

• Choose a maid UN agency doesn't have AN ill husband or little youngsters back home. They will have real issues and might simply become nostalgic.

• Wait for a month before you stamp the visa on the passport. That provides you sufficient time to check her behavior and commitment to figure.

• Don’t let your maid quit unaccompanied for an unlimited amount of your time. That will invite unnecessary hassle.

• Always keep monthly regular payment slips and create your maid signs on them on their pay day. You’ll got to show proof at the embassy (GN).


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