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Step by step instructions to support your better half or spouse (spousal visa):

September 11, 2018 / 280 / Category : Dubai Guide

On the off chance that one is intending to support their mate to UAE, here is a simple route on how they can do this by the techniques specified well-ordered underneath:

We must be in contact with 3 of the composing focuses and every one of them guarantees that there is another procedure as per the visa application. Every one of the undertakings is done in like manner however in the event that one is sufficiently qualified, they can present every one of their reports to the composing focuses and be finished with it. Because of this, the composing focus will present the application on the web. The outcome more often than not comes following 3 days whether it has been affirmed or denied. On the off chance that endorsed, the individual may need to get their visa stamped, as educated by SMS or email. It is considerably simpler to do this on the web.

It would be ideal if you take after the means painstakingly:

Hello everybody!

I supported my significant other with the goal that we could live respectively in Dubai. Here are the accompanying advances that we did keeping in mind the end goal to get him supported here. We connected for the spousal visa at the Department of Neutralization and Residency in Al Jafiliyah.


One should be qualified positively to get the spousal visa at UAE.

For a spouse to support the wife:

All together for the spouse to support his better half, his pay ought to be around 4000 AED ( or 3000 AED with settlement stipend from the organization).

For a spouse to support a husband:

All together for the spouse to support her better half, she should fall into the accompanying callings:

•          Doctor

•          Engineer

•          Teacher

Her compensation ought to be 4000 AED also. On the off chance that she doesn't fall into these classes, she should make a request off to the board of trustees. The point of confinement to the compensation ought to be either 10,000 AED or 8,000 AED alongside a settlement remittance. Every one of the records ought to be submitted as needs be.

Prerequisites for visa sponsorship.

The accompanying reports are required for visa sponsorship:

•          Application shape

•          Salary authentication

•          Marriage authentication

•          Tenancy contract

•          Last DEWA charge

•          University recognition (authenticated)

•          Photocopy of the visa of the sponsor.

•          Photocopy of visa page of the sponsor.

•          Photocopy of visa (subordinate)

•          Canceled visa page of the ward (if beforehand in UAE)

•          Passport photographs of support


1.         The first activity is to round out the application shape. My better half and I filled the structures at the composing focus.

2.         We at that point went to the DNRD office and presented our archives there. The staff working there checked every one of our reports and ensured that they were all alright. We were then requested to pay the expenses, which we did. We paid 915 AED. We got a transitory residency to allow after this. It is a brief period worth of stay and amid this time, we both expected to get a therapeutic authentication within 2 months.

3.         We again went to the composing place for our restorative exam and completed it by paying 420 AED. He needed to show those records to the DHA. His test outcomes were conveyed to our home in which he was all unmistakable.

4.         We again went to the composing focus to change the residency status of my better half from transitory to lasting. For this, we needed to pay 550 AED.

5.         We paid extra 370 AED for our Emirates ID.

6.         Lastly, we went to the DNRD office for stamping of our visa which was done in 510 AED.

Application Fees:

All that cost my better half a multiyear long visa for his stay at Dubai in 3115 AED.

Medicinal exam – 420 AED

Application expenses – 350 AED

Expenses at DNRD – 915 AED

Emirates ID – 370 AED

Travel permit stamping – 510 AED

After this, we could get his status changed while he didn't have to change his nation for that. We had enough time to discover him a nice employment. The hardest activity in the interim was to confirm every one of the reports because of the way that all the college certificates took ages to get bored witness to.

There is a great deal of composing focuses which may help to get every one of our records composed and encoded. They are all legislature based.

Barely any different tips to know:

•          The visa isn't marked particularly as a spousal visa. It is named as a residency visa.

•          Make beyond any doubt no reports disappear. In that way, it is less demanding for the experts to go ahead with the strategy.

•          Every instance of sponsorship contrasts among each couple who applies for the spousal sponsorship.

•          There is a different need area for the spouses who will support their wives.

•          Sponsoring a family accepts indistinguishable technique from that of a life partner, just with the distinction of capabilities.

•          DNRD workplaces are such huge numbers of in Dubai, we picked the one closest to us.


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