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Tourist information request

March 9, 2018 / 372 / Category : Faqs

Greetings from Turkey,

Firstly I hope im not bothering, as a solo traveler im going to visit Dubai for a week and i need help about my trip.

1- As a solo traveler I want to hang out with local people, whats the best way to find some people there?

2-Im planning to visit a theme park, water park, Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi and La Parle but these events quite expensive for me, is there any way to get discounted tickets or something?

3-Is it worth to see camel race and Liwa Oasis?

4-I heard that nightclubs ask for pricey entrance fees even some doesnt allow to enter without partner, which clubs you suggest me to go?

5-Any beachclubs without entrance fee except Barasti?

6-About desert safari which company should I take?

7- On Groupon car renting is so cheap, but whenever I rent a car there will be a problem and they ask for money or compensation, are that coupons useful?

Also feel free to let me know if you have any other suggestions.

  • RedditUserMatt_
    2 years ago


  • CommercialPudding
    2 years ago

    -I agree with the first guy, meeting local people could mean different things. See which suits you best, I say meeting people who have lived here all their lives might be a good option as they'll be chill and can take you out and about. -Theme parks are expensive, especially as a tourist, if you happen to be going with someone, you might be able to use Entertainer Vouchers, those are buy one get one free vouchers. -Not sure about the camel races, but Liwa is a nice place to visit, not much to do, but you get a desert experience there! -Yeah, most clubs do so, try to make some friends so you'd be able to go to clubs with them. -Barasti seems like your best bet so far. -There are so many desert safari options, I think Arabian Tours are a good company, however, you'll get the same experience in all of them. It's about AED 160 usually. -Not sure about renting a car through Groupon, you can access the big companies online, Hertz, Budget and all the rest, usually they have competing prices.

  • anotherdxbguy
    2 years ago

    I'll answer 1 and 4. 1) the term "local" here can mean 3 things. - UAE citizens - lifelong or long term residents - people living here temporarily or for a short time. Meeting UAE citizens can be tricky - and they're all different. Some might go out partying, some might be more traditional and be willing to host you, and some would not want to bother. Everyone else you can meet at bars or clubs. Places like Barasti where people are friendlier. 4) You know I can't resist. Obviously this isn't a real answer. Regardless I'll tell you anyway. Know that the first letters of each of these sentences will give you the answer you seek.

  • burksterdxb
    2 years ago

    Pinging u/lovindubaiLD


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