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Visa for Newborn

Hi Everyone, I have a query, related to visa for new born. I am aware of the requirement for the visa but i have slight issue related to Ejari. Currently the apartment we are residing in has my wife's name on Ejari. I had to do this as when we moved to new apartment my visa was on renewal and we were really getting good deal so we decided to get the apartment on my wife's name.

So my question is will this be an issue for me to get the visa for newborn?

As i believe according to rule my wife is not allowed to sponsor child and for me to do it Ejari is what i don't have on my name. Please advise.


| Modified: March 7, 2018 | Author:


apu27 1 year ago

Yes it does match, hopefully they will accept it.!

Gavtek 1 year ago

As long as her name on the Ejari matches her name on your marriage certificate it should be fine. If you have any problems when submitting the application, request to speak to a supervisor to explain your situation.

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