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Setting up a business in Dubai

August 19, 2018 | 354 | Uae

The respective authorities in Dubai had worked hard to create such kind of environment that it is neither suffocating nor hard and fast for anyone to run a business there. Instead, they are being offered such conditions that allow them to run their business independently with certain set of rules and in an ethical and dignified way. There is a vast spectrum of opportunities for many companies who...

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Renewal of partner's/Investor's residence Visa (3 Years)

August 19, 2018 | 280 | Uae

A new rule was made from 20th of March, 2016. The procedure of renewing the visa is way simpler than before. If the company you work in has an e-DNRD user ID and a password, the process of renewal can be done from the typing center instead of the immigration office. The applicant will be updated through SMS, while the passport shall be delivered to the applicant’s home through a ZAJEL couri...

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Perks of renting a car in Dubai

August 19, 2018 | 333 | Uae

Anyone living in Dubai can make their short trips hassle-free by acquiring their car rental services. They are best in what they offer and can really save their customer’s valuable time and money. They offer their cars according to the budget of their buyer and can customize the cars with respect to what their buyer might need, like an extra child-friendly seat or a GPS to track down the add...

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LLC Formation in Dubai - UAE Complete Guide

August 19, 2018 | 360 | Uae

Limited-Liability Company (LLC): There are very limited number of shareholders in a limited liability company. The shareholders are between the numbers of 2-50. Their liability is limited according to their number of shares only. The shareholding companies is free to perform any kind of work except for insurance, banking or money investment. UAE had eliminated their minimum capital requirement la...

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Dubai UAE Investor Visa - Complete Guide

August 19, 2018 | 503 | Uae

Collecting visa has now become easier than before. All you need to is to send your required documents to an authentic typing office and they’ll send you your visa online through email. INVESTER/PARTNER VISA EXPENSE: Description                         Amount in AED &...

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Investor Visa Stamping

August 19, 2018 | 273 | Uae

Required Documents: The documents required for stamping a partner or an investor’s visa after entry: The applicant's original passport & Visa. The applicant’s one photograph with a white background. The applicant’s original Medical Certificate. The applicant’s medical Insurance Certificate. The applicant’s copy of valid Commercial License and partners lis...

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How to Remove Ban in UAE (UAE Ban 2018)

August 19, 2018 | 379 | Uae

After New Year struck the calendars, people all over the world will start looking for jobs all over UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Employees who are already currently working in UAE will focus on leaving their jobs for new ones and even some of the will try to cancel their visas so that they may save themselves from the unfair rules set out by their respective companies.   This artic...

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How to Apply for UAE Amnesty (Absconders, Overstay & illegal People)

August 19, 2018 | 349 | Uae

As we promised our readers that we will soon share an updated article about How to apply for UAE Amnesty 2018, we are here with this informative and important guide which will lead you to the list of UAE Amnesty required documents and fees details. Before continuing to subtle elements, we would propose you to checkout our past Article about UAE Amnesty 2018 Guide, if it's not too much trouble tak...

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Filipino Amnesty Seekers in UAE

August 19, 2018 | 396 | Uae

UAE Amnesty for Filipinos will begin from tomorrow, illicit Filipino expats in UAE who will apply for pardon can benefit this brilliant shot which is beginning from first August and will stay till a day ago of October 2018. Do you know Filipinos are the most fortunate expats in UAE who are giving a chance to leave the nation without paying for leave licenses, movement leeway with free air ticket?...

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EJARI (Tenancy Contract Online Registration)-Dubai

August 19, 2018 | 384 | Uae

REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Personal: A tenancy contract original is required to be submitted there which has to be signed by both the parties. A passport copy and also a Visa page of the tenant. DEWA latest bill or Registration deposit bill has to be submitted too. Mobile number or fax of tenant should be given. Shop/Unit/Villa/Flat Number should be given. In short, address should be given...

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