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Can single women travelling to the UAE as tourists get visas?

Yes, they can obtain a 30/90-day tourist visa They must be sponsored by hotels, or tourist agencies.Regarding transit visas, what are the rules? Should a passenger transiting through the UAE apply for a 96-hour transit visa once he arrives in Dubai or should he do that before he begins the journey?For instance, my friend wants to visit me while travelling from the US to India. She has one day in hand and wants to apply for a transit visa for Dubai in September. How can she do that?The Emirates office in the US tells her they cannot help her with a transit visa because her return ticket was issued from India. So basically, what are the rules?A transit visa is issued to travellers transiting through UAE airports. It is issued for 96 hours and must be sponsored by an airline operating in the UAE. The visitor must have a valid ticket for an onward flight. It must be arranged by the airline as the traveller books the ticket. There is a charge of US$44 plus processing fee of the agency.

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