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How to fix server down

I am looking for a solution where if my website goes down for any reason, I get a call on my phone. I am already using email-based notification, but I can not continuously check my email to know if my website is running properly or not.

I know a lot of you have faced the same situation. May I know what is the solution you are using? Please help.

| Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


bradatlarge 1 year ago

without checking each of these specific solutions, do they or any of them, allow monitoring of advertising tags? I have more trouble with clients messing up GA and other things than anything else.

searchcandy 1 year ago

To state the obvious... if your site is going down often you want to solve the cause of this, upgrade your servers or similar.

Sinequanonh 1 year ago

For SMS, Slack, emails and also notify your teammates: https://hyperping.io

Maizeee 1 year ago

i use pingdom for SMS notification. pleased so far.

willdropphoto 1 year ago

Uptimerobot.com - it has an SMS option. Although I use a webhook to pull them into Slack so I get notified through the app.

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