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Best date milk, anybody?

Which is the best date milk that any of you have tasted? Also, are these date milks bad for health?Another off topic question, does anyone know where to get Yazoo flavored milk? I used to buy them from Madina in Karama when I was very small.. I miss the green dinosaur!

| Modified: March 9, 2018 | Author:


trustedindian 7 months ago

Love you for this!

nicrrrrrp 7 months ago

Hi, late to the party - but wanted to reply to your Yazoo milk request. They don't sell the ones we had as kids anymore(banana/choc/strawb in little plastic bottles with foil lids) but they have the larger bottle UK imports (brand still ongoing) at Lulu centre in Barsha near MOE. edit: a word

bladewidth 7 months ago

Buy some bateel or jomara date syrup chuck it into a blender with some double cream milk and some ice, awesomeness!

andaewalaburger 7 months ago

Safa date milk Ftw!!

Gamabouy 7 months ago

Digdaga used to make the best date milk, it was better than any other flavored milk. But now it is full of sugar and tastes horrible. Best make it at home yourself.

Gavtek 7 months ago

No, its an ingredient of Riot Punch.

TheModernPaean 7 months ago

milksteaks I've never seen a milksteak... how do they taste? I'm curious.

burksterdxb 7 months ago

Make your own, man. It will taste good even with the cheapest dates you can find in the shop. Fresh milk and dates in a blender, is what you need. Add sugar if you want.

burksterdxb 7 months ago

I think I know the best milk to drink, AFTER a date.

MannarMathai 7 months ago

Digdaga is quite nice, but a bit too sweet.

llx94 7 months ago

Is it made from cow's milk and mixed with dates, or is it actual date-based milk? Just wondering

h_virus 7 months ago

Username checks out. But in all seriousness date flavored milk, and flavored milk in general, is not the healthiest thing in the world. Its high in sugar. But you can find it in any grocery store. No idea what would be the best but the one you can find in carrefour is pretty good. I think its called Barakat farms or something like that.

trustedindian 7 months ago

Just flavored milk to be honest..

Shaboobla 7 months ago

Do you mean date flavored milk, milk made from dates or the best milk to drink when on a date?

dxborangevest 7 months ago

Date milk? Are we talking about milk for milksteaks?

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