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Best salary to have average nice life in dubai

| Modified: February 28, 2018 | Author:


PixelRage9 1 year ago

Isn't salary for British expats higher? I know a friend who is from Britain making 20k as a teacher. Just wondering because I'm seriously considering moving to Dubai.

Fisal_98 1 year ago

Nice i guess 10k would be enough for 1 person plus i cook at home so i guess that saves a lot

ram_dxb 1 year ago

this is awesome. downtown living at 25k! how much for the apartment? studio or 1br? teach me master.

Creepy7_7 1 year ago

Ok...... 5K for you then

ram_dxb 1 year ago

Thought I'd chime in. Here are our expenses in DXB: 4.5K = 1 bed 1.8K = food and utilities 1.3K = monthly allowance (day to day) 350 = Gym 600 = Phone Bill 2.3K = Car Amortization 900 = Transportation (Petrol for 2 Cars) Total: 11,750AED The rest of our funds go to life insurance, savings and investments, and travel.

ZenMinded1 1 year ago

Seriously, 25k total monthly & life in Downtown and you manage to put 10k aside? How? Just going to Spinneys hits the bank hard, and you gotta eat diverse + people may not always want to cook either... Asking to learn, I believe your numbers.

[deleted] 1 year ago


Berry___89 1 year ago

A few people have said around 12k and I agree. Me and my wife are both on AED 12,500 and send home 10k every month to savings despite living in quite an expensive apartment in Downtown. We don't drink though which I think would take up half of our savings if we did!

Laxurl 1 year ago

I manage with 3k, but changed my lifestyle. With that salary, I invested in life insurance and land. I wonder how it feels to have higher salary. But I guess above 6k will be sufficient to have an average nice life in Dubai.

Fisal_98 1 year ago

Whaaaaaa What do you do for a living if i may ask

LoveisLife125 1 year ago

I must be living reallllyy lean then! 3.6K/mo 1br apt 1k/mo bills 2k/mo groceries 0.5k/mo transport (petrol only) 1k/mo going out, zomato, miscellaneous (i.e. video games) having said that, pretty much ALL of my salary goes into savings... at this rate I might be able to buy a house in the UK ;(

vickysonata94 1 year ago

Lol, I manage with 2k

StripedSocksMan 1 year ago

30k bare minimum, 40k would be ideal.

andaewalaburger 1 year ago

Lifes smooth on 6k

burksterdxb 1 year ago

That's a bit too much for a shared flat with no car. Even for Marina.

thismightbemymain 1 year ago

Who's paying 2k a month for bills in a 1bed? Our DEWA is about 450, our TV/broadband/phone is like 360 or something.

thismightbemymain 1 year ago

It depends on your definition of nice. Me (British) and my wife (British) were living on 12k (total) per month, 1 bedroom apartment for 5.4k/mo. We were doing okay, didn't own a car though and lived over the road from work so didn't need one or daily travel costs. Now between us were earning 19k/month, same apartment and we're doing pretty well. Still no car. We're not big spenders though, don't drink and are both quite frugal. It depends on your lifestyle.

yopla 1 year ago

Much drinking?

caedriel 1 year ago

12000 Dhs PM is more than enough.

Gohanto 1 year ago

I'm single, early 30's, and spend 12-15k per month, shared flat in Marina with no car. Add the amount you want to save each month, and there you go.

Fisal_98 1 year ago

Wow that is a lot and i am single

yopla 1 year ago

You need to multiply the result by 2 if you expect to have the mean to ever retire and build some savings to invest. Unless you like living paycheck to paycheck, feeling pinched eververy time a price increase and plan to leave Dubai broke.

AkaClarky 1 year ago

Would say this is pretty much spot on.

ExposeBadPeople 1 year ago

5k/mo = 1 bed room apartment in a decent area (average, nice life/not studio) 2k/mo = monthly bills including internet/dewa 2k/mo = food allowance or 67 dhs/day on food (which is a lot) 3k/mo or 750 dhs a week on going out. Remember: AVERAGE, nice life. 1k/mo = Transportation costs. Total: ~12k / mo - Allows you to live a very comfortable, average lifestyle, if you are single. Optional: 4k/mo installment for car: pays for a Mercedes or BMW over 4 years, or an average car over 2 years Total now: 16k / mo If you are married and have a wife who depends on you: Add 50% to non optional so 18k If you have kids, add another 50% on top of 18k so 27,000 Why? Wife will increase monthly costs, food costs, and spending on optional things. (think shoes, jewelry, and etc) For kids, schools are very expensive (30k+ a year, for the AVERAGE ones) TL;DR: 12k if you are single, 16k if you want to drive a mercedes or BMW +6k if you are married and wife doesnt work (and isn't a gold digger) +9k if you have 1 child. Edit: Most people who work in Dubai send money back home, so this doesn't apply to those people. It applies to people who don't need to send money to anyone.

Najibthegreat 1 year ago

10k is way too low man, a studio with utilities is 4k alone food another 1.5k car another 1.5k so that's 7K

mrgambitz 1 year ago

so i'm in my mid twenties i would be pretty cozy with 10 k tbh, Then again single guy without a family, if you have kids and a wifi yeah you'll need around 20 k.

Creepy7_7 1 year ago


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