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Boxing Clubs in Dubai/Sharjah

Pretty much what the title says. I used to train at Round10 in al qouz but its really really far to go to regularly throughout the week.Can be a sports center that trains boxing or a club dedicated, either way is great.Thanks in advance!

| Modified: March 9, 2018 | Author:


TheModernPaean 1 year ago

What time do you usually go there?

BadJujuSC2 1 year ago

There's a boxing and kickboxing gym in Sharjah near Al Qasba called Al bathal Karate center. I go there for kickboxing and it is pretty good. They've got their own ring and some of the best equipment for training. Check them out. There's also colosseum gym in karama which has boxing/kickboxing which you could check out if that's closer to your place. Happy training friend.

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