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Can Former UAE Residents with Entry Ban Avail Amnesty

Amnesty for Former UAE Residents:

  • Is it possible to apply for the Amnesty from my country if I already left UAE?
  • Is it possible for the people to come back after they left the UAE and then apply for the Amnesty?
  • Can the people who previously lived in the UAE apply for UAE Amnesty 2018?
  • Can the people in UAE living in an Entry Ban apply for Amnesty?
  • Can the people previously living in UAE with an absconding case utilize UAE Amnesty?
  • Can the people with a Blacklist or a lifetime ban avail Amnesty from outside country?

Above are the questions we’ve been asked by many from different countries, people reviews about UAE Amnesty 2018 are coming in positive, UAE 2018 Amnesty Scheme is helping hundreds and thousands of illegal expats in UAE, Pakistani, Indian and Filipinos are the most in numbers who have already availed the Amnesty.

Till today August 11, 2018 everything is going very well, Immigration staff are working Saturday to Thursday from morning 08:00 am – 08:00 pm in-order to fulfill the requirements of Amnesty seekers in UAE.


Thanks for the Amnesty:

Communities across globe appreciated UAE Government for this great effort which helped thousands across United Arab Emirates, credit also goes to News websites, Informative blogs and Social Media Platforms who’ve published special articles and informative guides regarding UAE Amnesty 2018.

The top 3 websites after government official platforms which helped many are Gulf News, Khaleej Times and UAE Labors.

And yes, it’s true that we UAE LABOURS tried our best to provide our readers about informative and precise material regarding ongoing Amnesty for illegal residents in UAE, you can Google it.


Unofficial News for Former UAE Residents:

Just a few days back, we got a screenshot of a site by our reader in which it was expressed that previous UAE Residents can apply for UAE Amnesty.

The screenshot showed that the “people with minor crimes such as entry ban, or residency violation may be able to return to the country to avail UAE Amnesty scheme”.

It was also said that, “Former residents who got UAE Entry Ban while leaving country can apply for tourist, resident or investor visa through normal channels during the Amnesty 2018 period”.

Source of Above News:

After having read about above news about Former Residents section and profiting of Amnesty Scheme, we checked its source, and according to news site the representative was not the official individual and need to be anonymous on media.


Can Former Residents Re-enter UAE to avail Amnesty?

Along these lines, it is affirmed that the above featured news was not from official source or stage, it implies it was only talk, how about we get to the heart of the matter at this point.

According to a senior UAE official, who cleared up that previous occupants, who are confronting restriction from reappearing UAE can't profit the pardon 2018?

In straightforward words, every one of the individuals who needs to apply for acquittal and are confronting UAE section boycott because of their violation of UAE Law, can't enter the nation or can't evacuate their boycott utilizing UAE Amnesty 2018 plan.

Announcement Source for Former Resident:

This declaration originated from a senior authority of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship which recorded by Gulf News on Sunday at Shahama Center for amnesty seekers in Abu Dhabi.

Who can Avail UAE Amnesty 2018?

As we expressed in our past Amnesty control, this 3 months UAE Amnesty plot is just for foreign people who are right now (living) in United Arab Emirates.

As it were, expats living in any territory of UAE unlawfully (exceed individuals, runaway, absconders and so forth.) one can use the pardon plan to either regularize their visa status or to leave the nation without paying outstay fines.

So it is unwise to spend all the money for trying to get into Amnesty by a tourist visa. Make sure to follow the guidelines from the official source. We expect people to now understand how impossible it is for the previous residents of UAE to apply for the Amnesty 2018 or vise versa.

| Modified: August 19, 2018 | Author:

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