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Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari is really an outdoor activity of one of its kind. Be it summer or winter, weather does not dampen the mood of adventure enthusiasts planning to enjoy desert safari Dubai. When it is summer in the city of lights, people enjoy fun and frolic of evening desert safari. On the other hand, winter season provides a whole day and night time span for recreations in the oasis of Arabian Desert.Summer outdoor funs in Dubai are not restricted to few activities, but actually whenever there are talks of outdoor entertainments people have a number of choices before them to make a selection. From water park to tour on amphibian wonder bus, there are various sources of enjoyments and entertainments.And one of the popular outdoor activities is desert safari even when average temperature in the United Arab Emirates reaches 48 C. As strange as it may sound, nature lovers explore the charismas of quaint sand world in and around Dubai emirate, which boasts of second largest territory among all emirates, in summer as well as in winter.Summer spell spreads from June to September in Dubai. However, when summer is in full bloom, caravans are geared up to enjoy evening desert safari. Wintery night of desert is very much mystifying exerting pulls on people from all walks of life and of all age group.

Arabian Desert & wilderness galore

It is not always adventuresome attractions of dune bashing, sand skiing, and camel trekking that make desert safari unique escapade, but peoples love for wildlife and sand world also uplifts the status and repute of desert safari.Normally, morning desert safari begins at 9:00 to 10:00 am and tour operator picks up picnickers from designated points to lead them to desert in the neighborhood of Dubai. From that point, real action kicks start. An off-roader pumps adrenaline when zipping over sand dunes. Moreover, physically fit and sturdy persons are enthralled with slipping over descents on sand boards. An evening desert safari commences after 4:00 pm. It has its own distinctiveness including spectacular view of sun drifting below the horizon.While photo devotees preserve beauty of nature and wilderness in cameras, peace seekers build up coordination with harmony abounding across the board by strolling around soft surface. There are various picturesque landscapes in the Arabian Desert.Feasting on lavish foods and relishing traditional shows in campsite is a unique attraction. Dubai government has carved out wildlife sanctuaries in the sand tract to make journey more natural. Al Maha desert resort of Emirates Airlines is a noteworthy modern campsite nestled in the midst of desert. It is approximately a 40-minute drive from downtown and situated within 27 square kilometers conservation reserves where several flora and fauna have been reintroduced. Exquisite wildlife including Arabian gazelle, antelope, tropical lizard, stripped hyena, falcon, caracal, etc. can be caught in sights.What does it cost?Look, a desert safari featuring pick and drop-off facility, dune bashing, camel riding, sumptuous buffet, recreations, etc. costs more than AED200 per pax. The picnic has a time span of an average five to six hours. Overnight stay is relatively an expensive package while stays for two or three days and nights in swanky resort increase cost further.Tour operators offer discount on desert safari. Online directories are replete with sale promotions from them. Of late, daily deal websites sprang up to promote discount offers far and wide. One can browse through a number of desert safari deals published on these sites.

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