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Dovecote Green Primary School

  • Location: Green Community, Dubai Investments Park ,Dubai, UAE
  • Telephone: +971 4 883 7474
  • Fax: +971-4-8821849
  • Email: dpsdxb@emirates.net.ae
  • Website:dovecoteschool.com
At Dovecote Green Primary School we will provide a caring, secure education in a bright, stimulating and motivating environment. A thinking school for the 21st century, we follow the English National curriculum and develop the values of respect, joy and commitment in all pupils, which in turn will develop the whole child.In addition to our creative and well-qualified teaching staff, we have excellent learning support assistants ready to work across the school supporting and enhancing the childrens learning. All of these staff are dedicated to providing pupils with quality learning opportunities.Dovecote Green Primary School is a community school. We have the building, resources, staff and strong parental support that helps grow and develop the school, and we look forward to welcoming new pupils to start their learning journey at Dovecote Green Primary School.We are looking to continue to build excellent relationships with families and friends within our community, so that we work hard to make our school a happy place where we can learn together in friendship. We make a commitment to the learning of each and every person within our school family and are resolute in that commitment, that sees our children achieve to their full potential.At Dovecote Green we are not complacent about the future and are committed to promote, then raise standards and provide an effective, inspiring education for all of our children. We strive to have high expectations and are keen to move the school forward, building on those successes. We hope that the close co-operation and partnership between school and home will enhance and support your childs development throughout these important early years of their education.The stars of our school will be the children. I feel very privileged and proud to lead their learning they deserve the best.We very much hope you find this website useful and informative. Please feel welcome, however, to contact us if you need any further information. We will be pleased to give whatever assistance we can.

| Modified: October 25, 2016 | Author:

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