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Dubai UAE Investor Visa - Complete Guide

August 19, 2018 / 504 / Category : Uae

Collecting visa has now become easier than before. All you need to is to send your required documents to an authentic typing office and they’ll send you your visa online through email.


Description                         Amount in AED                         Note

  • Entry permit application      360                       Typing charge extra
  • Visa within the country        680                      If the applicant is inside UAE
  • Visa position amendment    510                      If the application is inside UAE.    

                                                                                        Typing charge extra.

  • Medical (normal)                   300                       ------
  • Emirates ID                             370                      3 years


  • Visa stamping (3 years)       760              1.Typing charge extra.    


                                                                              If your company has

                                                                              eDNRD User ID & Password.                                        


                                                                             Dh760 If you apply through

                                                                             Typing Centre program

                                                                             (Vision form).

  • TOTAL                                    2980         Typing charge extra


  1. NO DEPOSIT: No security deposit for Investor / Partner visa effective from 01/08/2014.
  2. DEPOSIT FOR FAMILY MEMBER: Dh3020 should be deposited at Immigration for each dependent's residence visa.



  • Passport copy (colored)
  • One Photograph (white background) for Entry Visa application
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association (for LLC)
  • Trade License Copy
  • Partners List (for LLC)
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for Professional License)
  • Copy of Partnership Contract, if any (for Professional License)
  • Original Emirates ID of other partner / PRO (if you are applying through Vision form)
  • Immigration Establishment card copy
  • Last six month's Bank Statement (if the company is old)


  • Typed Application
  • Passport copy, Visa Copy and Two Photographs (white background)


  • One Photograph with white background
  • Emirates ID Form
  • Original Visa
  • Original Medical Certificate
  • Original Passport
  • Immigration Establishment Card, LLC Agreement, License & Partners List copy.


How to hold family visa while canceling Sponsor's visa:

NOTE: Special approval of senior officer from Immigration is required to hold family visa.


  • If a person has been upgraded from an employee to a business partner, he or she can change their visa from employment to Investor/Partner Visa. Next, type an application and get the seal and signature of the person sponsoring you. Next, attach all the documents required for this process and submit the application at the time of immigration. They must pay Dh220 for file opening, and Dh680 to issue visa inside the country.
  • Next, they have to cancel their existing labor card and visit the Immigration head office, Jafliya with their Labor Card cancellation receipt, the visa cancellation form and their family’s original passport. They are required to pay Dh5020 as refundable deposit to hold dependent’s visa and Dh120 as a service charge for each dependent's passport. Then they will cancel your existing visa.
  • Next, type the status change form of Dh510 (typing charge extra) and put a seal and a signature of the new company on it, and submit it at the Immigration. You will get a paper of status change.
  • Do the medical examination next. Type Emirates ID and visa stamping application and submit at the Immigration.
  • After stamping your visa, you can refund the deposit amount.
  • Your dependents can continue their current visa and renew at the time of expiry.


Take original deposit receipt and your passport to Refund Counter at Immigration Head Office, Jafiliya.

Get no objection for refund seal from the counter and go to Dubai Commercial Bank (next to Immigration building) and collect the cash. The bank will charge Dh40 as commission.

If the deposit receipt gets lost: If the deposit receipt gets lost, collect lieu of lost receipt from Dubai Commercial Bank (next to Immigration building), Jafiliya. You can show the receipt copy or your original passport for reference. Take this receipt to Immigration refund counter and pay Dh70 as lost fee. Immigration officer will put a stamp of NO OBJECTION FOR REFUND, go to CBD counter and collect the cash. Bank will charge Dh40 as commission.


Q: I had deposited Dh 10,000 / Dh 20,000 for my investor/partner visa. I heard that as per the new rule, no deposit for investor/partner visa. Can I refund my old deposit from Immigration?

A: Yes, you can refund. All you have to do is to follow the same steps as above and you’re good to go. If you have family member or members under your sponsorship, you should deposit Dh3020 for each of them. Then you can refund your own visa deposit. One cannot refund their deposit if there is an over stay or other violation in your company file.

Q: I had deposited Dh 10,000 / Dh 20,000 for my investor/partner visa. I heard that as per the new rule, no deposit for investor/partner visa. I don't have dependents under my sponsorship. Can I refund my deposit from Immigration?

A: Yes, you can refund.

Investor Visa for Bangladeshi Nationals: There are few restrictions for Bangladeshi Nationals. The last six months of their personal bank account statement is required. Applicant's previous visa profession also matters.


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