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Dubai Wharf - Cultural Village

Dubai Wharf seems to have gone under the radar to me when looking at places, it's offering decent sized places at very good prices in a convenient location (right next to metro, airport etc.)

Does anyone here live there or work in and around the area? Any good?

| Modified: March 7, 2018 | Author:


thekrushr 1 year ago

whoever decided on the design of the access roads into Culture Village does NOT deserve a price Seriously. I went to the Versace Hotel the other night for the first time and had a good laugh. I think they're going for a new world record for most ridiculous road design.

wurstbla 1 year ago

Yes, I live next to it. Culture Village looks really nice in fact, but as another poster said right now is not finished at all - you will find construction everywhere and lots of undeveloped plots even that they will start working on one after the other. One of the really good things about Culture Village is the location itself, close to Festival City Mall (5 minute drive), downtown (10 minute drive) and Business Bay (10 minute drive). You have direct access to both sides of Al Khail Road (although whoever decided on the design of the access roads into Culture Village does NOT deserve a price). The Dubai Wharf development is beautiful by itself. Finishing looks good, apartments are spacious and the look and feel of the building is quite high end. However, the developer in my opinion made a huge mistake by securing not large enough plots around the building. Directly next to Dubai Wharf (and I mean really direct), which is a 10 floor building by itself, they are building quite low-end 12 floor buildings, stealing Dubai Wharf from any kind of light and view. On the other side you are looking at kind of a canal next to the creek which is tiny and then yet another building under construction that also has 10 floors. This basically guarantees noise pollution for the next years to come. On the other hand, Dubai Wharf was just handed over a short time ago, so looking at the rental market these days, you might be able to score a good price as desperation sets in by the owners to rent the place out. Don't want to rant too much - if you like the area, then have a look at Manazel Al Khor in Culture Village - if you look at the side facing away from E11 you will have very nice views along the creek and only one empty plot close by that hasn't been touched in quite some time. It is very much comparable to Dubai Wharf - maybe not as pretty from the outside, but definitely in the better location.

whatwouldyouexpect 1 year ago

Had the same thought myself. Prices are good indeed, the buildings themselves cool and have nice modern apartments and a nice communal gym/sauna. Also the area is expected to come to more life in 6 months once some retail shops open - right now its very quiet and has very little to do in the immediate vicinity (walking distance) except hotel Versace. As a downside - the apartments that they have left have below average views to other buildings or corner of the water. I also thought the glorified water view didnt live up to the expectations - its a narrow river with construction on the opposite side. Also all pools are in shade. For me the savings werent worth downgrading from my current place. But its still worth checking it out - you might get lucky with an apartment that works for you. Good luck.

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