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Ease of Traffic on Financial Center Rd

My commute home (Al Quoz to Downtown via Al Khail) has gone from 40 minutes to 20 - 30 minutes thanks to the new flyover bridge from Al Khail to SZR :-)

| Modified: March 5, 2018 | Author:


Berry___89 1 year ago

The Downtown exit off Al Khail. Before going downhill onto FCR, it bends to the right and joins onto the road above FCR leading to Jumeirah & SZR.

ZohebS 1 year ago

Where is this flyover bridge?

burksterdxb 1 year ago

Yes, I agree. RTA has been consistently providing good service every time I had to deal with them. They have some of the best customer service out there. All my complaints have been followed up and closed to satisfaction.

clinthammer316 1 year ago

To add to this they opened one or two more new lanes just before the interchange near Al Quoz Pond park which has helped traffic flow :)

chumbawumba90 1 year ago

Can I just say that I think we need to appreciate the RTA more. There is constant roadwork and when the work is over there is a tangible result. We complain about salik and other fines because yes, its expensive, but at least its comforting to see that money is going towards improving the roads here. There are so many bottlenecks ive seen cleared up by the RTA over the last 10+ years. Also just my opinion, but I feel that even the speed limits here are (for the most part) set at reasonable limits and not just arbitrary numbers. I've seen so many countries which have speed limits on roads which dont make sense and would be stupid to regulate.

zubinho85 1 year ago

Well they've renamed Al Sa'ada Street to Happiness Street so we can't be sad! To get back onto SZR I just take a U-turn on Happiness Street and take the side road behind Emirates Towers on to SZR. There's still traffic but much less than the corner of the Roda Murooj Hotel.

Berry___89 1 year ago

Ya that bit is a nightmare.

truthhurtsman1 1 year ago

Now all they need to do is figure out how to clear up the DIFC traffic on Al Sa'adah street towards Downtown getting onto SZR. That corner outside the Roda Murooj hotel is horrendous and on a Thursday night that entire road is backed up to DIFC.

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