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Filipino Amnesty Seekers in UAE

August 19, 2018 / 397 / Category : Uae

UAE Amnesty for Filipinos will begin from tomorrow, illicit Filipino expats in UAE who will apply for pardon can benefit this brilliant shot which is beginning from first August and will stay till a day ago of October 2018.

Do you know Filipinos are the most fortunate expats in UAE who are giving a chance to leave the nation without paying for leave licenses, movement leeway with free air ticket?

Not just this, UAE Government is allowing to Filipino absconders and Filipino outstay individuals who are living illicitly in UAE, to change their status from unlawful to lawful.

In ordinary days, if unlawful occupant gets captured by police or CID either with exceed visa or living with slipping off (runaway) case will send to prison to finish the legitimate procedure which is fine and correctional facility term, in the wake of finishing lawful process, individual will be expelled from UAE with boycott.

Be that as it may, Now UAE Government has given us a blessing in type of Amnesty 2018 where we can settle our cases to live free crosswise over UAE.

Apply Amnesty and Leave UAE free of Cost:

It really is anything but a phony news yet a genuine uplifting news, the Philippine missions in UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) declared that Philippines Government will bear the costs of sending home the undocumented (unlawful) Filipino natives who are living in UAE and will apply for the reprieve 2018 in the UAE.

The Philippine mission stated, "they will pay for the procedures required for those wishing to leave the UAE which incorporates charges for leave licenses, clearances, and flight tickets to the Philippines".

The missions illuminated that the helpful motion of money related help will be stretched out just too Filipino subjects who will leave the UAE without a boycott amid the acquittal 2018 plan.

It implies that Philippines mission will apply and issue the crisis set out records to the individuals who don't have a substantial travel permit free of cost and will likewise pay all the lawful charges required for Filipino inhabitants leaving the nation.

What is the Fees of Amnesty Exit Permit?

According to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai, amnesty seekers must pay 221 AED for their exit permits.

What is the Fees of Removing Absconding Case?

If there is any absconding case against Filipino expat, he/she need to make an additional payment for getting absconding case closed.

Fees of Individual Absconding Case:

According to the GDRFA, the fee for clearing individual absconding case will be 121 AED.

Absconding removal Fees of Private Company employee:

Employees of private companies who are facing absconding cases will need to pay 521 AED in-order to remove their absconding case.


Fees of Absconding case removal for Government Employees:

Employees facing absconding case by government companies will just need to pay 71 AED to close absconding case.

What about those who don’t want to exit UAE?

As indicated by GDRFA and the Philippines mission, Filipino visa over stayers who wish to remain back and work in the nation by changing their visa status from illicit to legitimate should pay the required government charge, which is 521 AED.

Can all Filipinos Apply for UAE Amnesty?

No, it is as of now replied in numerous questions that UAE Amnesty 2018 covers just the individuals who are outstaying (living in UAE without substantial visa) and have slipping away cases.

Those with instances of kids conceived without any father present or those with past police cases for advance default won't be qualified to apply for the absolution conspire.

Can someone apply for Amnesty outside UAE?

It is elucidated that individuals who officially left the nation can't make a difference for UAE Amnesty conspire 2018 from other nation, as though somebody will apply for reprieve will should by and by visit Immigration zone for fingerprints and eye check.

How to close Absconding case:

Here is the happy news, we have been asked by our visitors many times about can person with absconding case apply for UAE Amnesty, yes, it is confirmed that if there is an absconding report against an individual, the Immigration will remove absconding report against him/her with fees of 521 AED.

How to Remove Absconding case without Ban:

When you have paid expenses, migration officer will issue you leave allow without boycott, point to be noticed that the leave allow will be issued to you from the concerned Immigration specialists from where the visa is issued. In basic words, if your visa is printed by Dubai Immigration office, you have to visit same Immigration focus, on the off chance that it is printed by Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or some other region, you should visit a similar Immigration focus.

Can someone apply for Amnesty without Passport?

Truly, amnesty seekers can apply for pardon without travel permit, immigration officers will initially get some information about your unique identification, in the event that you said it is with your manager (support), they will first attempt to find it and will attempt their best to get it back.

According to Major General Mohammed Al Marri, General Director of the GDRFA-Dubai:

The backers who are withholding the travel permit ought to convey the international ID to the absolution workplaces.

"On the off chance that somebody came and they stated, “My passport is with the organization or with my sponsor, we will send our people to get the passport”.

Advice from Major General Mohammed Al Marri:

Al Marri advises all who are heading directly to the Al Aweer center to bring their passports with them. “Very important, we must have the passport. Those who don’t have the passport will undergo investigation – ‘where is the passport?’ ‘What happened?’ ‘Is it lost?’ as we must find out. But we promise that everybody who will come here will start a new life,”


How long it will take to complete the Amnesty Process:

It is not yet confirmed, as each person has his/her own story, but immigration officers will try their best to finish the require process as soon as possible.

Major General Mohammed Al Marri said: “The GDRFA also anticipates multiple cases as they understand that each person’s circumstances are different. “The cases which will come to us, I am sure it will be different. Some of the cases, very easy it will finish on the same day, some of the cases a little bit tough, difficult, it will take some days more,”

What about People with different cases:

As per MR AL Marri “The people who live in UAE without visa are not criminals. They are people. Some of them not educated, some of them because of some reason, they are put in in this situation. That’s why we are here to support and to help these people to stand again and start working,” said Al Marri.

How to contact Amnesty Centers:

Filipinos living in UAE seeking to be assisted to return home may also proceed to the following places:

Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Western Regions:

Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi


Dubai and the Northern Emirates:

Philippine Consulate in Dubai


Immigration Helpline for Amnesty seekers:

The UAE Government has also prepared a 24/7 toll free number which is 800-5111 which will respond to all those who are seeking UAE Amnesty 2018.

AWEER Amnesty Centre Location:

It is our recommendation to all UAE Expats who are living in UAE wrongfully and willing to apply for Amnesty to visit Al Aweer absolution focus where 2 tents for man and ladies, with a limit of 3000 individuals is set up to process their archives from Sunday to Thursday, from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM.

Another RTA transport line will be instated in conjunction with the UAE's new reprieve conspire which will help absolution searchers to achieve pardon workplaces effortlessly, this RTA transport administration will begin from tomorrow, Wednesday, first August 2018.

Still befuddled or have any questions about Amnesty for Filipinos in UAE? Ask us in beneath remark box.


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