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How to Apply for Dubai Visa without being Rejected?

November 17, 2016 / 893 / Category : Dubai Guide

Dubai is a city of luxury, elegance and opulence. While the city has the most modern and architecturally marvellous buildings and structures, it has preserved its traditions, culture and the old world charm. Apart from going sightseeing, it is also the perfect place for shopping and trying out adventure sports. Whatever might be your interest, Dubai would definitely surprise and delight you. It is the perfect location for a holiday with your friends and family. However, before you leave for your vacation to Dubai, you need to apply for your visa.While there are several countries which have the privilege of getting a visa on arrival in Dubai or UAE, there are many others that have to apply for the visa several weeks before their date of departure. Although getting a Dubai visa, especially for tourism, is not very difficult, there are times when your visa may get rejected. The UAE consulate may not always present you with reasons for rejecting your visa. However, there are some little things that you should follow to apply for Dubai visa without getting rejected. Let us take a look at how to apply for Dubai visa without being rejected.

Valid Passport:

This is probably the most important criteria to get a visa to visit any foreign country. Make sure that your passport has not crossed the expiry date. Apart from this, even if your passport expires in less than 6 months, you will not be able to travel to Dubai. Although the maximum visa limit is 60 days, you need more than 6 months' validity to your passport to get a visa to Dubai.

Previous Visa Cancellation:

Visa application can get cancelled if you have a previous visa on your name. If you have ever applied for a visa for UAE but have not able to travel during the allotted period of time, your current visa application would not be approved. In such case, you have to get the previous visa cancelled before you apply for a new one. This stands true even if you have a work visa on your name but did not enter Dubai. You have to contact the UAE immigration consulate for clearing off the employee visa. Otherwise, you would have to wait for 6 months before you apply for a new visa. Even the existing resident visas of ex-residents should be cancelled before they apply for a fresh visa to Dubai.

Age Restriction:

People of all ages, even a month old baby, has to have a visa to go to Dubai or UAE. In other words, people of any age can get a visa if all of his/her papers are in correct order. However, in case of women or girls under the age of 25, there are some restrictions. UAE visa may not be granted to women under the age of 25 if they are travelling alone. Hence, if you are a woman and are less than 25, make sure that you are accompanied by at least one of your parents or maybe your relative when travelling to Dubai.

No Errors:

Many of the Dubai visa applications are rejected due to errors while filling the application form. Even a small spelling mistake of your name or typos of your birth date can cause the UAE consulate to reject your visa outright. So you have to be extremely careful while filling your details in the visa application form. Right from your name and date of birth to your passport number and date of expiry, everything should be in perfect order. Only then your dream to fly to Dubai can come true.

Clear Passport Scan:

As mentioned earlier, the passport is an important document when it comes to visa application. As the UAE visa process happens online (even the visa is issued online), all the documents have to be sent via email. This includes a scanned copy of your passport. You need to be careful here as the scanned passport should be 100% clear. In other words, all your details should be clearly available. You have to ensure that you do not attach a blurred scanned copy of your passport with your visa application form if you want to avoid rejection.It is best to go through a licensed travel agent or agency for your Dubai visa application. Such companies know all about the visa application process and the things needed to make sure that the visa does not get rejected. However, even if you have taken care of the above things, your visa may get rejected for things like criminal record, handwritten passport, unskilled profession, similar identity, etc. The immigrant officials are not under any oath to reveal the reasons of rejecting a visa. If such a thing happens, you cannot demand back the visa processing fee. You have to pay the full amount even if your Dubai or UAE visa gets rejected.


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