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How well does the Amazon Echo/Dot work in UAE?


I was thinking about picking up an Amazon Echo [the smaller Dot version] and was wondering if its worth it. Do most of the features like playing music, answering questions, etc work? And where could I find it for a good deal, apart from Virgin Megastore?

Any help would be awesome!

| Modified: February 28, 2018 | Author:


pvdp90 1 year ago

You don't get the online purchasing through Amazon feature so for me it's not worth it. Rather use the Google product as their assistant has better response

Tixicot 1 year ago

Thanks a lot!

Tixicot 1 year ago

Thanks a lot for the answer. About downloading the app, is it a straightforward process or some tinkering involved to make it run in Dubai? And a non-premium Spotify account would work fine with the Dot? Thank you!


Got one as a pressie, works good, sometimes the alarm doesn't shut off even after shouting STOP multiple times, meaning i have to get out of bed and unplug it but it helps because i'm finally out of bed, bittersweet. I have a premium Spotify so works with that, works with podcasts too (TuneIn). As for answering, well, it ain't no google assistant but still ok, not like i ask it many questions. For weather, you have to specify Dubai, as UAE is not supported officially yet and hence you cant change the location to UAE on the App. Also the App is not available on Google Play so download Amazon app store and download it through there.

PrestigiousWaffle 1 year ago

I've never had a problem with mine. As far as music playing goes, if you have a Spotify account registered in another country you'll have no issues.

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