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International Driving License

Hey peoples,

Just wanted to let you all know that the process for getting a International Driving license has changed and take a bit of time to get sorted.

The whole process is now online/offline at the post office and requires one photograph, first problem is that its not passport sized and I managed to sweet talk the guy to cut it down in size to fit in the box (Around 20% smaller). The new system will keep all your details on file for 3 years so in theory you just go into the post office next year and pay for a new license without documentation.

Whole process took around 20minutes to complete.

Check list

  • Small size photograph (Color)
  • Original Passport
  • Original Drivers License*178.50AED
  • &

    | Modified: March 7, 2018 | Author:


Shumayal 11 months ago

The various companies that offer IDL like the one in Wafi Mall or this post office you mention. They are all the same? Anybody got an idea if it needs to be done in person or can be done online?

Shumayal 11 months ago

I tried eurocar and others in london. All said I need an international license and they won't accept uae license on its own in the UK except if you drive a private car of a friend.

theantnest 11 months ago

Was in Spain last month, and pulled over by Guardia. Showed them my UAE licence. The cop said I should have international, but let me off. I got an international one yesterday. I think all non english speaking countries need the international permit, as it has the translations in it.

theantnest 11 months ago

Just go to ATC. I did it yesterday. It took literally 5 minutes. There was not another person there. I didn't even take a number. Took a normal passport photo, the guy scanned it and resized it in a split second. Staff friendly and helpful.

T86DXB 11 months ago

1 year, 178.50aed, yes

weareawesomep 11 months ago

Can anyone tell me how long is the IDL valid? If so how much is the renewal process? also is it applicable for automatic licenses?

Jesala9527 11 months ago

very confusing name, i got few years back, it was IDP International Driving Permit from post office, 140 AED https://www.epg.gov.ae/portal/_en/gallery/content382.jpg_short now its IDL?

theblahking11 11 months ago

Just go to rta centres with the documents ( i think it was photo only) and walk out with one in 10 mins.

burksterdxb 11 months ago

Varies by country too. Some countries in Europe are ok with UAE licence as it's in English. But some insist on the IDL.

burksterdxb 11 months ago

Or go to the RTA Happiness Centres, and you will be out in 15minutes with the IDL in your hand..

bladewidth 11 months ago

DL requirements vary state to state in the US but most of them accept any driving license as long as its in English. I checked for California and Nevada

T86DXB 11 months ago

Well thats not the case for Ireland from my research

dishdashdesh 11 months ago

www.atcuae.ae/ - Simple online process Scan and upload documents and they deliver within the week.

thebolts 11 months ago

I didnt have the need to pay for an international license in years. UAE is part a list of countries that have an agreement to drive cross border as long as the license is current and on a visit visa. I personally drove in the US and didnt have problems.

T86DXB 11 months ago

Yeah, if I knew the Size I would but you should be able to just cut down a passport photo.

YYZSher 11 months ago

It's not a scam. I tried to rent a car when I was back home in Canada with my UAE drivers license and they refused since their insurance company didn't recognize it. Perhaps you lucked out but to be safe I would always recommend getting one before traveling.

TenFoldMassacre 11 months ago

I paid AED 120.00 flat out back in 2008.

huzzyz 11 months ago

The whole international driving license is a scam IMO. Two years back I was in Chicago for my brother's marriage. Rented a car on my UAE driving license. No questions asked btw this was at the airport and from Avis and not some unnammed rent a car service. Perhaps it might be different in non-english speaking countries.

samipk1234 11 months ago

Can you mention the dimensions of the photograph as well so it easier for everyone. Thanks by the way for sharing good information on this sub, it's mostly car advice and rants these days so it's good to know you also have a few perks with this visa.

RedditUserMatt_ 11 months ago

Dayum dude, I have just got my Visa today and gonna go swap my license over from UK. Is there anything else that is good to know? Ahhh quick question, the eye certification, can you do that on the day or nah?

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