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Internet really slow (Etisalat)

Has anyone's internet been acting up lately? My internet has become extremely slow now and I get really bad ping in multiplayer games. I don't know whats going on but even my friend who lives in my neighborhood is facing the same issue.

| Modified: March 5, 2018 | Author:


tx1200 10 months ago

U can stfu. Ur opinion doesn't matter. Not here. Not anywhere.

NeckBreaker007 11 months ago

Thats why I couldn't play when I had etisalat....

hummusporotta 11 months ago

If you dont like it you can leave

pterodactyl997 11 months ago

It's so slow that I've given up my leisure browsing and only focus on work. Can't procrastinate if it takes this much effort.

tx1200 11 months ago


tx1200 11 months ago

I did. As usual they keep me on hold for long time and then a dude pops up asking me if I know my alphabets and shit. Can't be bothered to ever call 101 again

navisic 11 months ago

Same Issue with Abu Dhabi. This had happened few weeks ago and it fixed itself out. My friends all are facing the same issue on Etisalat as well.

JCdentonManderley 11 months ago

You'll get the usual excuse.....submarine cable cut mamsir

ahrhamza 11 months ago

It's been like this for a few months now. Back when DICE released dubai servers for battlefield 1 I used to get 10 ping to them, now it's 130+ easy. Wired or wireless it's terrible.

mythodeath 11 months ago

Do you face the same issue if you connect via wire and not through the wireless?

BuddyTrollsten 11 months ago

In CSGO theres a server called "Arab Retakes" my friend with Du is getting 5 Ping on the scoreboard, while me and my friend who have etisalat are getting 350 ping, everyone in the server is using DU or is from another country. Etisalat probably facing issues right now. SS http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1310741181

Shaboobla 11 months ago

Call 101 and see if theyre doing maintenance in your area. Could be a reason for the slow down if a neighbor is experiencing the same.

Muhaisnah4 11 months ago

Having the same issue with etisalat last few days. Contacting their customer care hasnt helped much

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