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iPhone battery replacement.

I wanna replace my iPhone 6 battery, apple price is 300AED, i want something cheaper, as i will get a new phone soon.

| Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


luciferluxzzz 1 year ago

no idea regarding that but I will give you a tip. just remove your iphone cable when your iphone show battery level of 98%. it will helps you to to extend your battery life. (not the hours). try it from your next phone

avnxa1 1 year ago

Try visiting Defense St. In Abu Dhabi. Its the most popular place for mobile phones & accesories (including repairs). You'll find a bunch of shops there and prices are relatively reasonable.

burksterdxb 1 year ago

300 is about right. If you are considering changing your phone soon, then just hang in there till then with a battery pack or one of those battery cases for the iPhone

siimoz 1 year ago

ifixit.com Unfortunately they can't ship it to UAE.

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