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Is it ok to bring dice into the country?

Yadda yadda, got job, considering taking it, doing research. Unable to find an answer to a bit of an odd question though.

I play a good amount of Dungeons and Dragons, and have a very nice set of custom dice. I know Islam has some very strict rules against gambling, and have some concern that they might get confiscated at customs.

Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?

EDIT: So two schools of thought on this one it seems.

1) Yeah, no problem, fantasy gaming is prevalent enough that they won't think it's gambling paraphernalia (illegal in the UAE).


2) I am an ignorant western degenerate for asking such a stupid question. Do I also think that I'll have to ride to work on a camel?

But seriously, thanks for the piece of mind guys. They're a gift from a dead friend and I didn't want to take any risks.

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Spartacus714 1 year ago

Yas, but I'm not there quite yet. I'll keep you in the loop

ImAGhostOfAGhost 1 year ago

What area do you live in? I'm looking for people to play some dnd with

chiviamp 1 year ago

Yes but you have to roll a nat 20 first before they allow you to get in the country.

AbuZouz 1 year ago

It was a valid question, gambling is very much illegal so dice could be a dice-y issue. When the only things western media highlights are articles like a man getting thrown in jail for touching another man's hip in a bar, I too would be apprehensive on what I can and cannot do/bring...

Spartacus714 1 year ago

Yup. However, there is no other thread on the internet that discusses bringing 20 sided dice into the country. There are a few, however, that claim that they had poker sets confiscated at the airport. This is where the concern stems from. That, and a hope to not step on any toes or traditions through my own ignorance. Truly I have failed however, based on your response.

Zireall 1 year ago

Only if you want to be executed, right after getting those 230 lashes of course. Im really concerned about this "research" you are doing, are you sure you are researching the right country?

thinklikeacriminal 1 year ago

A guy I know did get stopped for a deck of cards, was told he had to pay a 150aed import fee, or forfeit them. Its the only time I've heard of that happening, and everyone he told didn't really believe him.

thats_MY_potato 1 year ago

There's a store in Sham's Boutik Mall (Al Reem island) where you will routinely find a load of people playing games like MTG etc. There's Cards Against Humanity for sale there too. Honestly whatever you bring like that will be fine.

CupOSunshine 1 year ago

I live near a board game store here - they straight-up sell polyhedral dice. I think you'll be fine!

Orzolt 1 year ago

Absolutely not. I can't believe you'd even ask such a question. The audacity. The nerve. The disrespect.

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