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Moving from US to Dubai

I'm moving from the US to Dubai next month... and have questions!

Any recommendations for international movers you've worked with/heard about? Anything I should buy and bring with me to Dubai? Any recommendations on where to live? I'm a solo female and I'll be working in DIC.

Thanks in advance!

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cakeverite 8 months ago

Thank you!

y2k__ 8 months ago

From Pensylvania and made that move almost two years ago now - i too work in DIC. i will definitely recommend staying Marina or JBR. Everything is so easily accessible, in terms of transportation, groceries and entertainment. I live in JBR and its a 5-10 mins drive via taxi or car to the office. And its really convenient to catch the tram as well - just make sure you time the arrivals properly, if not you'll wait 6-8 mins till the next one shows. Good Luck !

cakeverite 8 months ago

Yep, received and accepted an offer. Will be working in the advertising/marketing industry. My employer's paying for relocation costs, so I'm keen on knowing about what to bring that may not be readily available/reasonably priced in Dubai. :)

SuperlativeLTD 8 months ago

Welcome! Bring everything. Everything is more expensive here except fuel.

Gohanto 8 months ago

I moved here 2 years ago, ended up being cheaper for me to just check 5 bags on my flight, then sell / re-buy everything here but I was coming from Hawaii so shipping options were absurd. On where to live, Marina / JBR area is most common for expats, and Duplays has a volleyball league nearby. A lot of my other US friends have ended up in Elite Residences and Princess tower which is across the street from Barasti and pretty nice. If you're looking at shared apartments with roommates they're available but nearly always furnished. Also check before visiting apartments if they're looking for people to actually share a room with multiple beds (took me by surprise). On what to bring, anything you love from Costco. That's the main thing I miss here honestly.

cakeverite 8 months ago

Super helpful. Thanks! My new employer's HR department suggested negotiating rent and # of checks to pay rent. Any sense of how hard to negotiate on both fronts?

cakeverite 8 months ago

Thx! It's OK to purchase alcohol at the airport without a license upon arrival, then?

cakeverite 8 months ago

Super helpful. Thx! What's the public transport situation like from Marina to DIC? I've looked at the tram/metro map and it looks reasonable, but welcome a second opinion. Still sorting through transport during the first 1-2 months in Dubai.

wazaaaaaaa 8 months ago

Marina for living, you can find pretty much everything here so bring some things with sentimental value for you. Plenty of people working in DIC live in Marina so if you are in one of big MNC you'll get first hand advice on day1 :-)

1Deerintheheadlights 8 months ago

Bring as little as possible. Leave all the furniture at home. Also no appliances (will not work). Some electronics will work with adapters - check the items first. One thing some people forget is a little bit of winter clothes if you plan to travel while here. Make sure your phone is unlocked so you can use a local sim. Notify your bank and get them to give you a larger ATM withdrawl limit - you will need cash for many items upfront and it will take a while to get a local account/funds. Make lots of copies of your passport, as well as print out lots of visa photos. My US Shopping list includes: Excedrine Nyquil Shampoo/Conditioner - the good stuff Extra charger cables

yopla 8 months ago

Where you live depends how much you earn. 80-100k per year will get you a tiny studio/1BR in the "higher end" of Dubai. Marina, Downtown, JLT. 120-160k for a 2BR. Places like Motor City will be a little cheaper but further away. Then you can get a 3BR in reemram for 100k (45k for a studio) but that is even further away. Maybe 20-30mn drive to your office. You can get a bedspace in satwa for 7200 with included electricity, internet and maybe your own closet. Check: https://m.propertyfinder.ae

mowilliams0 8 months ago

Could you please get me a Cleavland Cavaliers Finals Jersey? I'll return the favor.

DXBtoDOH 8 months ago

Where you live will be dictated by your budget. But best to live as close to DIC as possible. Greens is brilliant. Marina is good too and can even take the tram to work. JLT is cheaper than Marina but has more expensive utilities.

thekrushr 8 months ago

This is very good advice. They're pretty much all blocked here now, so you need to have one already installed when you arrive.

navisic 8 months ago

I moved from LA to Abu Dhabi. I used a moving company and surprisingly they were very professional. www.universalrelocations.com Let me know if you need the contact to reach out to. Note: I had to pack my things through a separate packager and then when they delivered in abu dhabi, they assembled the furniture.

cyberkada 8 months ago

Bring a VPN if you value communications with the outside world.

burksterdxb 8 months ago

DIC is Dubai Internet City Great advice there. When I moved from the UK, everyone suggested the same i.e. to bring personal care products as they are either too expensive here or some brands are just downright not available. I'll add sunscreen to the list. It's pretty darn expensive here but luckily I get to travel abroad very frequently, which is when I restock. The other things is sparkling water. Costs a fortune compared to still water. Although I don't expect you to bring it when you ship stuff haha

angelic92 9 months ago

Hey congrats, I did the move the other way around. Out of experience I would suggest you use movers based in the US . Bring anything , personal things u like and think you won't find , silly enough I took my favorite deodorant and toothpaste. Else you will find almost anything and everything . Oh buy alcohol when you land in the airport. U have a limit.

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