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Need your opinion regarding cars in DXB (2018)

In your opinion, is buying a 2nd hand vehicle better than purchasing a brand new one? I've been seeing a lot of 2nd hand cars in Dubizzle and I'm confused if I should purchase a brand new vehicle, buy a 2nd hand, or just get a lease.

What are your thoughts on 2nd hand 2012 and up BMW 3-series? Just in case I go that route, is it better to just purchase a toyota/mazda/honda instead? Or should I avail of the 0% DP of some dealers for a brand new vehicle?

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ameerali19 1 year ago

Used car buyers can now get history of the vehicle they want to buy through a new service launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) "Vehicle Condition Certificate" http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/transport/now-get-used-car-history-from-rta-1.2153102

burksterdxb 1 year ago

I've been hearing it a lot lately, about using personal loan instead of car loan. Why do you suggest that?

SanJunipero14 1 year ago

what do you plan to do with your American spec car when it breaks down in the hot summer?

siimoz 1 year ago

Go to imports market in Shj, not Al Haraj the normal market.. get a used car Japanese or American specs. I did it recently and had a very good car after spending month on Dubizzle.

FaisalKhatib 1 year ago

Go second hand since most cars don't hold their value well lately and there are tons of good deals out there. Get something a year or two old with balance service and warranty (most come with 3 to 5 years coverage). Get it checked with a reliable mechanic and make sure its agency maintained. Check accident history as well. I agree with the previous comment. If you're planning to keep it long then brand new is fine. Just make sure the dealer throws in an extended warranty and/or a service contract. Then pay extra and extend them both further. That'll give 5 years of peace of mind. Also personal loan > car loan. Edit: And buy smart. Cars are for transportation and not flaunting your wealth or your bravery/stupidity. ;)

dontdeportmeplz 1 year ago

At the moment what I am seeing is that resale values of second hand cars are really ... so you can probably score a good deal. Always a good idea to stick to less than 5 year old cars and make sure you get it checked by mechanic and tasjeel as well. If planning to drive for 5+ years its fine to buy new.

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