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Need your opinion regarding cars in DXB (2018)

In your opinion, is buying a 2nd hand vehicle better than purchasing a brand new one? I've been seeing a lot of 2nd hand cars in Dubizzle and I'm confused if I should purchase a brand new vehicle, buy a 2nd hand, or just get a lease.

What are your thoughts on 2nd hand 2012 and up BMW 3-series? Just in case I go that route, is it better to just purchase a toyota/mazda/honda instead? Or should I avail of the 0% DP of some dealers for a brand new vehicle?

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ameerali19 10 months ago

Used car buyers can now get history of the vehicle they want to buy through a new service launched by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) "Vehicle Condition Certificate" http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/transport/now-get-used-car-history-from-rta-1.2153102

burksterdxb 10 months ago

I've been hearing it a lot lately, about using personal loan instead of car loan. Why do you suggest that?

SanJunipero14 10 months ago

what do you plan to do with your American spec car when it breaks down in the hot summer?

siimoz 10 months ago

Go to imports market in Shj, not Al Haraj the normal market.. get a used car Japanese or American specs. I did it recently and had a very good car after spending month on Dubizzle.

FaisalKhatib 10 months ago

Go second hand since most cars don't hold their value well lately and there are tons of good deals out there. Get something a year or two old with balance service and warranty (most come with 3 to 5 years coverage). Get it checked with a reliable mechanic and make sure its agency maintained. Check accident history as well. I agree with the previous comment. If you're planning to keep it long then brand new is fine. Just make sure the dealer throws in an extended warranty and/or a service contract. Then pay extra and extend them both further. That'll give 5 years of peace of mind. Also personal loan > car loan. Edit: And buy smart. Cars are for transportation and not flaunting your wealth or your bravery/stupidity. ;)

dontdeportmeplz 10 months ago

At the moment what I am seeing is that resale values of second hand cars are really ... so you can probably score a good deal. Always a good idea to stick to less than 5 year old cars and make sure you get it checked by mechanic and tasjeel as well. If planning to drive for 5+ years its fine to buy new.

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