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Rent deposit best practices

It's not the first time that we read about rent deposit troubles in UAE.What would be the best practices to ensure that the deposit doesn't become an unfair mean of blackmailing tenants?

I'm personally about to move into a new apartment and one of the ideas was to sign and exchange the contract only after videoing/filming the property with the estate agent.

When moving out, and if the landlord comes up with some made-up issues and flaws, I could use the video as reference.

| Modified: March 7, 2018 | Author:


KingLouiSV 8 months ago

just take pictures of any issues prior, send it to the owner and get his confirmation. if you face any future issues regarding the deposit, just mention the email that was sent and confirmed by the owner. if no luck then just go to rental dispute committee, youll get it sorted quickly.

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