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RTA Announces 136 Job Openings:

Dubai’s Roads and Transports Authority (RTA) is currently hiring, so it’s an amazing opportunity for the people to bring out their resumes and get their fingers crossed.

If anyone is hopeful enough to get any kind of job opportunity within government organizations, then it is their chance.

Apply For A Job With RTA Dubai:

RTA ensures that no one has to go through a risky for a bumpy ride within the Dubai roads. It maintains the road’s infrastructure, controls traffic and ensures safety conditions for all the citizens.

About 136 job opportunities have been introduced with space for about 6000 employees.

Job Openings at RTA Dubai:

 Here are the samples of what the RTA is offering on their website:

Job position: chief accountant

Career level: mid-career/ specialist

Job division: accounts

Job description: coordinate with the HR department and help with the konthly salary of all the employees


Job position: chief officer

Career level: mid-career/specialist

Job division: employee’s services

Job description: help in the administrative functions of the section manager along with the management of the BSM system.


Job position: chief specialist

Career level: mid-career/specialist

Job division: planning and design

Job description: handling the PMS of Dubai Roads Network and fix and regulate KPI for road pavement index.


Job position: inspector

Career level: entry level

Job division: marine operations and maintenance

Job description: make sure there are fewer accidents on the streets and the roads are no or less bumpy.


Job position: manager

Career level: mid-career/specialist

Job division: investment programs

Job description: take hold of all the contracts to help make sure nothing goes wrong in them while making sure the achievement of forecasted revenues. 


Job position: mechanic

Career level: entry level

Job division: in-house maintenance

Job description: take control of vehicles and fix them in any way required.


Job position: office manager

Career level: mid-career/specialist

Job division: strategy and corporate governance CEO administration

Job description: handle all the required meetings that are supposed to be held.


Job position: senior analyst

Career level: mid-career/specialist

Job division: Enterprise command and control center EC3

Job description: Handle all the EC3 applications and make sure that they are working flawlessly.


Job position: senior engineer

Career level: mid-career/specialist

Job division: traffic safety

Job description: make sure that the black spot treatment plan are being done by the help of formal and administrative procedures.


Job position: supervisor

Career level: entry level

Job division: maintenance

Job description: handle repair and maintenance and also to keep an eye on the bus repair reports.


For actual job positions, check out RTA’s website.

| Modified: September 19, 2018 | Author:

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