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Shop and Ship + other alternatives?

ething online but the shop only ships to Europe and USA. My friend suggested that I use Shop and Ship https://www.shopandship.com/ so I can get my items

Just wondering if any of you here has used this service before? Or do you have better alternatives on how can I purchase the things that I'd like to buy?

I have some friends from Germany who can help me handle the shipping but it seems that Shop and Ship could be a bit cheaper at the end.

| Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


jaykyungsoo 1 year ago

Thank you thank you! What's the usual weight of your items whenever you ship it to SNS? I just want to have an idea of the max kg to keep in mind whenever I decide if I should use SNS or not. Thank you :D

jaykyungsoo 1 year ago

Thank you so much! How expensive should it get before the emirates post add more vat to my items? I am getting the items for free actually but just had to pay for the shipping but the cost of the package should be somewhere around 389 AED The only option for me is to deliver it via SNS because the shop is only shipping within EU and the US :( Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it :D

hotrock3 1 year ago

I use SNS several times a year and have never had a problem. Just had a package hit the NY office today and received the email from SNS before the Amazon email saying it was delivered. Keep your package weight in mind and punch that into their rate calculator before ordering though. Don't want to end up with a $urprise. A few times it's been cheaper to have something shipped direct instead.

stickyfiddle 1 year ago

Shop and ship is generally really good as long as your package doesnt weigh much. It gets expensive if youre bringing in anything heavy. Bear in mind also that if its something expensive it might be better value buying direct and getting shipping from Germany as you can avoid paying the vat. But thats only advisable if you can get shipping direct with DHL or UPS etc, and avoid anything involving emirates post!

jaykyungsoo 1 year ago

I already did earlier but only found one about how to get the free membership and nothing about the experience of using it :D

burksterdxb 1 year ago

Use the search bar man. There's almost a daily post about shop n ship here.

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