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Shower facilities in Dubai public parks?

I live in Sharjah and work in Dubai. In order to avoid morning traffic, Im thinking of parking my car at Al Mamzar (Dubai-Sharjah border) and walk towards it from my home (in Shj and just 4km away).

However, after the morning walk towards my car, I dont want to change clothes (from casual to office wear) without taking a quick shower - hence the question.

Where in Dubai can I stop by to quickly shower and change?

I dont want to take gym membership just for this. Any good ideas?

| Modified: February 28, 2018 | Author:


sprakinhyt 1 year ago

If you're talking about the Al Mamzar slipway that is right beside the Sharjah border, then there are showers and changing rooms along the coast.

Rastapugo 1 year ago

Or a scooter if he cant skate.

khurram1987 1 year ago

Not sure about the showers in mamzar beach...will check it out . Thanks

Rastapugo 1 year ago

Mamzar beach has showers. you can use that. 4km seems okay in the winter time since that is around a 40 minute walk. in summer it becomes unbearable.

khurram1987 1 year ago

Hahahah that video is funny

bladewidth 1 year ago

Take a

TheModernPaean 1 year ago

Yuck dude...i dont envy the person who sits next to you if that's your idea of hygiene.

MalabariShawarma 1 year ago

Try investing in a skateboard instead?

Draconique 1 year ago

Alternative solution = get a motorcycle and say goodbye to traffic.

HardcoreNerdParty 1 year ago

I know you're looking for shower facilities, but buying a large pack of wet wipes will be a simpler,cleaner and more effective approach than a shower. Just a suggestion

khurram1987 1 year ago

Unfortunately, there are no cheap gyms in Nad Al Sheba :(

Gohata 1 year ago

Find the cheapest gym in your office area with a shower facility..

khurram1987 1 year ago

I actually tried that but broke into sweat just 20mins into the walk. Felt very uneasy all day then. Any ideas to help my cause dear?

khurram1987 1 year ago

Yes it's a complicated situation but I'm sure the people here will help me with a simple solution. Thanks for your reply - I'm looking for a shower place.

khurram1987 1 year ago

That's actually a good idea, except that the office security guards work on 12hour shifts and don't have shower rooms (only toilets) Any other idea to help my case dear?

khurram1987 1 year ago

It's easier that way as I can take care of my health too (by walking) - don't get time in evenings as I reach home late and am too tired/lazy to leave home in evenings. So got any ideas to help my case dear?

varunasingh 1 year ago

how about walk in those athletic shorts and t shirt and bring clean clothes in a bag. That way you dont' sweat a lot and can at least wash your face in your company's washroom / any other close by? Might take you a few minutes to cool

gw3gon 1 year ago

You're going to spend time showering and walking 4km in order to 'avoid' wasting time in traffic?

DXB_DXB 1 year ago

Pay the natoor in your office building 50 a month. Use his shower.

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