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Speed Radar flashes more than 100km/hr in Salam Street?

The radar was noticeably going crazy from afar flashing the likes, and I noticed it was doing so for cars driving more than 100km/hr, even though we usually drive at 140km/hr by this point (we never got flashed from before).

By the time I got there and was between 100-120km/hr, I got a flash too. What I recall the radar was positioned on the right side of Salam Street on the way to Dubai, more or less on where we used to take a right to go to the airport (right lane/entrance closed due to road maintenance).

Here's the exact location on Google Maps; does anyone have any clue if it's a faulty radar, or did they reduce the limit to 100km/hr exactly for that part of Salam Street?

| Modified: November 24, 2018 | Author:


[deleted] 1 year ago

Radar limitations are nearly never adjusted because they shouldn't be. The yellow signs aren't for you but for construction vehicles. They don't enforce this law always but when they do they don't tell you about it. Caught by the same thing different place.

Gavtek 1 year ago

The speed limit is vastly reduced in this area due to roadworks, signposted 80 with cameras flashing at 101 I think. There's lots of signs advertising this, both at the side of the road and the electronic signs over the road.

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