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Sports City cricket stadium parking

So I was invited to a sporting event at the cricket stadium in Sports City, can anyone advice what would be the best location to park my car so that I don't get stuck in traffic when the event ends. Also, what is the best time to get there considering that the gates open at 5 and event starts at 7.

| Modified: March 5, 2018 | Author:


batrol_guy 1 year ago

google maps is showing an approximate walking time of 28 mins, so is there a parking lot at kickers, or an unpaved space?

batrol_guy 1 year ago

I tried searching on google maps, didn't find a blue mart, but i found a carrefour in Matrix tower, is it the same one?

batrol_guy 1 year ago

Great, I suppose the walk from the unpaved area to the entrance would be 15 to 20 mins? Also,I have the international ticket,so are the entrance for each stand far away for each other?I never went to these types of events before,friend had spare tickets so he invited me to come, but looks like a good event.

Najibthegreat 1 year ago

if you don't mind walking park next to kickers

PM_ME_UR_SMILE_ASAP 1 year ago

Going to PSL opening cermoney :) here are few tips Best parking place its unpaved area close to stadium and easiest to go out after match. Buying food at stadium: Must have cash. No body accepts cards. Opening cermoney starts at 7. Try to reach stadium gate by 5.45. Be seated by 6.30 as the fun starts. Its annoying if one is stuck in queues outside hearing people cheering and enjoying fireworks. Do bring a jacket or something, as it might get cold later at night, just as a precaution.

mihemihe 1 year ago

It is been long time since the last event, and now a big parking they allocated in front of the stadium and also one of the streets nearby are under construction, so I foresee a big traffic jam, bigger than usual. I live just close to the stadium. If you dont mind walking 15 minutes park around Carrefour and Blue Mart in Motor city. You will have direct exit to Hessa street with no traffic.

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