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Vegan Restaurants / stores

Can anyone recommend any vegan restaurants or shops?

(Even if a particular Carrefour has a vegan section would be helpful)


| Modified: March 5, 2018 | Author:


MagnumTash 1 year ago

Fantastic response with many recommendations. really appreciate you taking the time to respond like this. Thanks

LoveisLife125 1 year ago

Urth in JLT...

pterodactyl997 1 year ago

BeStro in Dubai Mall Carluccio's Russo's Pizza Royal Orchid (I'm so in love with their Nasi Goreng) Zen in Business Bay Amorino's Gelato Divino

SurrealBird 1 year ago

Wanna Banana - vegan ice cream and milkshakes. They're all banana based and are so yum. Pinza - they have vegan pizza options. I tried their mushroom pizza with vegan cheese and it was better than their other vegan options. Freedom Pizza - not a big fan of their food. It tastes average, but it's one of the few places here that offer vegan pizza. Their vegan desserts are alright. Boca - it's expensive, but everything on their vegan menu is amazing. Zagol - Ethiopian food that's to die for. Gursha - another Ethiopian restaurant. Haven't been but it has really good reviews. Busaba Ethai - Thai food, they have vegan options. Good food. Mama'esh - Palestinian food with vegan options. Burger Fuel - they have a pumpkin burger. I honestly thought it was average. Wild and the Moon - vegan cafe with amazing coffee. Roseleaf - cafe, they have vegan options sometimes. Common Grounds - cafe, they made me a vegan risotto that was off the menu. I believe they now have more options. Life N' One - yoga retreat with a vegan raw food restaurant. I had a chickpea omelet there. I thought the food was overpriced though. Amorino - vegan ice cream options, they have amazing flavors (chocolate, banana, pistachio, hazelnut, and lots of fruity sorbets). El Donacino - delicious vegan donuts. Highly recommended. Organic Foods & Cafe - they have a vegan brunch every now and then, and will carry plenty of vegan items (food, cleaning products and toiletries) in their supermarket. Royal Orchid - pan Asian food, they have vegan dishes with mock duck. Yo Sushi - vegan sushi and a tofu katsu curry. Cheesecake Factory - vegan pasta and their veggie burger can be veganized. Other places I haven't tried yet: Just Falafel , 77 Veggie Boutique, Omnia, Menagerie, Sushi counter, Zaatar W Zeit, Super Natural Kitchen, 101 Parathas, Carluccio's, Kamat, The Raw Place, Eatwell, Be Super Natural, Ultra Brasserie, Tom Tum Asia, Sum of Us, Single Fin, Healthy Patisserie (paleo & vegan desserts, expensive), Bestro, Old Wood Village (Asian, they're supposed have a bazillion vegan options for a good price). As for supermarkets, Lulu has a lot of vegan cheeses, yogurts, tofu, mock meats and non-dairy milks. Those include Field Roast, Tofurkey, Daiya, Go Veggie, Yves, Follow Your Heart, etc. Organic Food & Cafe will have a lot of options. Spinneys is good for finding cruelty free cleaning products. They carry some LightLife mock meats, non-dairy milks and yogurts, but they really need to step up their game. I heard Choitrams will also have some vegan items. There is also an organic vegetable market that carries local seasonal vegetables. One is in Business Bay and there's a brand new one in Marsa Al Kor. Edit: Some Facebook groups that will help uncover more vegan finds are Vegans Take Dubai, Dubai Vegan and Veganjoice UAE. You can also have Field Roast delivered to you on gogoguy.com Finally, check out myvegandubai.com :)

jenthesilly 1 year ago

I remembered some restaurants that have vegan options: Tum Tum Asia, Comptoir 102, Carluccio's (they have a separate menu) and Le Pain Quotidien. This blog has some recommendations too: http://myvegandubai.com/

[deleted] 1 year ago


MagnumTash 1 year ago

Oh wow thats awesome. Thanks

MagnumTash 1 year ago

Thats a great help. Thanks!!

jenthesilly 1 year ago

Organic Food and Cafe on Shaikh Zayed Road has loads of vegan things. They even do a vegan brunch every few weeks.

llx94 1 year ago

There's not really a lot of vegan restaurants here. What I can advise: - A lot of Thai and indian places have vegan options, especially curries from coconut milk - Moreish in Oud Metha have vegan options - Thai Time in Al Safa have their own vegan menu (ask for it) - Pinza & Freedom Pizza have vegan options Hope to see more in the future!

xyccah 1 year ago

Il Donnacino Delicious!

MagnumTash 1 year ago

Fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation!

postgeographic 1 year ago

Lulu, strangely enough, has a good Vegan section My wife recommends the Veggie burger at Cheesecake factory, just ask them to remove the Cheese and Mayo. Il Donnacino at JLT does delish vegan donuts

MagnumTash 1 year ago

Ill try it. Thanks a lot

MagnumTash 1 year ago

Thanks a lot!

Naeplan 1 year ago

Old Wood Village restaurant at Dragon Mart 2.

truffs1010 1 year ago

Super Natural Kitchen - Downtown. It's a raw vegan place. Menu

MagnumTash 1 year ago

Thanks so much, Ill check them out

clinthammer316 1 year ago

Whenever I mow my lawn I get a lot of vegans drooling outside the gate... must be something about the smell of freshly cut grass?

sandysaul 1 year ago

I understand that finding vegan stuff can be difficult at times. LifeNOne and Wild and the Moon are famous vegan cafes. There are plenty of other places with vegan options as well.

MagnumTash 1 year ago

Really helpful - thanks

TenFoldMassacre 1 year ago

Yeah, my garden. A wide array of plants and flowers to feast on.

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