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Websites like iHerb in the UAE?

I love iHerb, but the shipping costs are quite high and delivery takes time. Does anyone know similar websites with faster delivery time / free shipping? Something for supplements, beauty stuff, natural oils, etc. (I tried Souq and Desertcart but they don't have a lot of the products and are way more expensive)

| Modified: March 7, 2018 | Author:


llx94 1 year ago

2 dollars? For me it's always around 30 AED delivery fee ... Unless I go for the Shipping Savers.

AiChyan 1 year ago

Not sure of how the prices compare but holland and barrett is the only comparable website I could think of.

JCdentonManderley 1 year ago

Iherb is unbeatable. Stick to it.

DeXB 1 year ago

I get items from iHerb delivered within 2-3 working days from placing the order and shipped with DHL. In my experience, if I place the order by Friday afternoon, I get the items at my door on Sunday. How come the shipping fees are expensive? They are not. The higher value order, the lower shipping fees. I always pay $2 DHL shipping for order value $200-270. Maybe it depends on the items? I usually order something from Solgar and once I add few things from them, the shipping drops to $2! Can't get any cheaper and faster than that I suppose.

Draconique 1 year ago

Iherb is the best. I love that website. Ordered sth and it came in 4 days.

sundew48 1 year ago

Iherb now has one more shipping options for the UAE (SMPR or smth like that), they are slightly cheaper & slower than DHL. Agree that nothing beats iherb in terms of choice and prices vs local pharmacies.

damassteel 1 year ago

Look for Shipping Savers items on iHerb Just bought stuff for 450AED and paid zero shipping , only 30 for tax and duties. I regularly ask friends and colleagues if they want to order something too to split the cost of shipping too No place in UAE can beat the prices of iHerb

xyccah 1 year ago

I opted for DHL (cheapest option) and the package arrived in 3 - 4 days (including weekends). The 2nd best option would be bodybuilding.com + mybox or shopnship.

llx94 1 year ago

They are, and in some cases it's still cheaper including the shipping. I need it to arrive faster though.

getaway_ninja 1 year ago

Brought some supplement for 180 something AED landed price a few months back,while that same product was 300AED at Life Pharmacy and all local websites. The package shipped from New Jersey, and arrived at my office in 5 days via FedEx. I think they are pretty good.

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