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What are some top must eat places in Dubai?

| Modified: March 5, 2018 | Author:


pronatalist257 1 year ago

I want to try ethiopian food any recommendations on what to ordeR?

pronatalist257 1 year ago

Noodle bowl in satwa

bravo632 1 year ago

Le Serre for breakfast, try their Benedicts. I think theyre the best around. Thank me later.

sandysaul 1 year ago

Love this place.

sandysaul 1 year ago

Al Fanar

c_brizzle 1 year ago

If find the majority of the fine dinign restaurants are totally underwhelming and make me feel dead inside. Having said that, Oceano was one of my favourite dining experiences. You pay through the nose but the food was outstanding and the setting was mesmerising. It's very stuffy though and the waiters have this incredible ability to make you feel cheap.

indy0007 1 year ago

Try Zagol restaurant in Karama for good Ethiopean food.

ArabianCoconut 1 year ago

top must eat places here as follow's: That south indian cafeteria ($) That Karak Chai shop down the street ($) That Ya arbab wahid humus wa sharama arabic cafeteria ($$) Best part:These shops are limitless even tho the same menu different taste and its cheap n so good :D

jekyll2urhyde 1 year ago

I have tried all of these places (save for Nusr Et) and I concur!!!

[deleted] 1 year ago


Jesala9527 1 year ago


TheModernPaean 1 year ago


yopla 1 year ago

the stuff you can only find here. So... Nothing? Isn't mallu supposed to mean Malayalam?

anotherdxbguy 1 year ago

Every city around the world has fancy restaurants. Dubai's fancy restaurants are good, but you can get the same stuff anywhere. What you should try to eat here is the stuff you can only find here. So a few select items at a Mallu cafeteria is actually not a bad idea. Dirt cheap and unique.

cyberkada 1 year ago

Andoks Manok

turan92 1 year ago

Sumo sushi - best affordable sushi in town.

JaiveerChadda 1 year ago

3 Fils - Japanese and other - REALLY recommend ($$)

battlefielder696 1 year ago


SAKdxb 1 year ago

mck111 1 year ago

Bu Qtair - Fresh fried fish with Curry ($) Nusr Et - Salt Bae's restaurant ($$$$) Coya - Great Peruvian food ($$$) Zuma - Fun Japanese with excellent bar ($$$) La Petite Maison - French ($$$$) El Sur - Contemporary Spanish ($$) Ravi - Great and cheap Pakistani food ($) The Maine - Excellent New England seafood ($$) Okku - Japanese ($$$)

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