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Where can I donate old laptops?

Have a few old laptops that I want to donate to a charity or organisation who can make use of them. Anyone know any?


Edit: They'll be without the hard drives.

| Modified: March 9, 2018 | Author:


AUserName01 1 year ago

Awesome; thanks muchly!

AUserName01 1 year ago

There's no HDD so if he can get one and the software, sure.

gutterandstars 1 year ago

This security guard had studied AutoCAD and/or architecture. If still available, I can check with him if he wants one to practice n maybe get out of this job. Pls let me know

AUserName01 1 year ago

Are you in touch with him and have a way to send to him? Forgot to mention. They'll be without hard drives.

burksterdxb 1 year ago

Can you give it to him? I have one too that has a really bad battery, but everything else works fine.

rdpi 1 year ago

I met an university teacher back in Ethiopia. He told me about the lack of material/equipment. He in particular asked me if I could get him a laptop to write his research. He was looking for Nothing fancy, even without battery, just something to type on.

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